Having access to 'best of breed' services has seen an explosion of dynamic companies eager to integrate cutting edge technology to give them the advantage over their competitors. From to google maps, from hotel bookings to online credit/debit card handling - these complex web of services can deliver significant savings and often the extra dimension to help you succeed.

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a perfect place to hold large files (videos, pdfs etc) but accessing them from your salesforce CRM is essential.


One of the world's largest car hire companies, this integration allowed access to car hire facilities in over 50 countries worldwide through their web and internal systems.


Realex provides a powerful online payment platform with APIs that can be integrated into, web and mobile platforms.


Sending SMS alerts from within with Twilio. Clients can alert staff/customers automatically with updates of progress with their query/issue.

Allied T Pro

The capability to aggregate hotel search results into one listing for internal users and website users became invaluable for our clients and their end customers.


Amadeus provides complex flight booking capability through bespoke APIs for use within internal systems and website/mobile interfaces alike.

No one wants to restrict the size of upload for clients while at the same time, the cost of internally resizing images is prohibitive. solves this issue.


Specialising as a hotel aggregator, Bonotel has carved a sizeable market share of the online and dynamic travel agency business across Europe and the US.


The future of online payments is being lead by these two Irish brothers. The speed and ease of integration has seen the company expand worldwide in a very short space of time.


With our integration online bookings are secure and visible within the Gallileo system immediately.


Complex commodity pricing provided by Proquote API has been succesfully running our customer's bullion price data for years on the web and within

Radian 6

Your company's success at managing your social presence is improved immensely when you connect Radian6 with your CRM data in


Codegen to Salesforce shows how two powerful systems can make Tour Operators more profitable giving visibility to CRM & transactional data more easily.

Blue Insurance

Offering online integrated insurance or within their salesforce application has allowed Blue grow and Travel Agents remain with direct customer contact.

Hotel Beds

Hotel Beds has the ability to offer aggregated global hotel offers. Integrating to their booking facilities lead to some powerful technology for Tour Operators.


So many of the world's companies and application developers use the same database backend infrastructure. We have experienced specialists in database connectivity at hand to discuss your requriements.

Microsoft SQL

We specialise in connecting MS SQL applications, extending capability to mobile devices and allowing for two way interaction between systems such as


MySQL databases power many of the world's largest websites. Connecting to websites, mobile applications, internal and/or cloud ERP systems has been our bedrock.


Often organisations find that a 'best of breed' approach to systems works best for them. Complications can arise when you want to give customers one view of their entire contact points with the business. This can involve connecting to multiple internal and cloud applicatons while also connecting to 3rd party services such as payment gateways..

Microsoft Dynamics

We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics for mid-tier and large companies, often as part of a hybrid strategy.

Micros Opera

Connecting to Opera provides our clients access to powerful marketing information allow for segmentation and personal targetted offers.


From Europe's second largest software company, connecting to this database can deliver ERP data into cloud applications for use by mobile users.

Canon Therefore

Offering access to client stored documents through a secure web or CRM platform is complex and involves adherance to access, security and testing protocols.

Accounts IQ

Two-way automatic updates allows transaction generation from and information updating within such as account balances.

With staff in Ireland, US and Australia and with clients from Ireland, UK, Europe, Middle East and the United States - Trinsic has shown be-spoke solutions can be delivered successfully across multiple timezones

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