We wanted to share some of stories with you, from business we have won to projects we have launched in the recent past.

2nd July 2015

nAperte Salesforce Customer Community delivered

With this exciting project, we have a delivered branded, responsive and highly functional customer community.

The interface has received a fantastic response with major market players and we wish nAperte every success with their global strategy.

26th June 2015

Lifes2Good - and Salesforce Integration

Leveraging these two industry leading cloud technologies is a challenge.

A challenge Trinsic is up for. We will deliver seamless integraton between these systems, aiming to improve visibility of project collateral within the disparate team members.

11th June 2015

Big Red Book appoint Trinsic in their pursuit of Integration Bliss

Two way sync'ing of data and an internal MS SQL database.

Being involved with this ground breaking software development house is a real pleasure.

24th May 2015

nAperte has chosen Trinsic to deliver it's Salesforce Partner & Customer Communities

A branded and responsive interface for end customers is essential in today's world.

Matching the nAperte brand is exciting and with the use of Visualforce, Trinsic will deliver an engaging environment for nAperte end customers to use.

6th February 2015

DerryCourt - One of Ireland's leading cleaning companies

Linking Sage200 with Salesforce is a tricky exercise.

Our expertise in system integration was a significant factor in DerryCourt appointing Trinsic to complete this complex piece of work.

12th December 2014

Trrend award Trinsic the development contract for a new Salesforce Development project

This exciting new start-up is tackling the gap in the market for Estate Agency Engagement software. With Salesforce communities, Trinsic will develop a comprehensive platform for Agencies and Landlords to record tenant engagements delivering visibility on demand, fees, inventories and much more.

26th November 2014

Kaiser Permanente - Colorado

Extending the functionality to a branded experience for sales personnel to present on the doorstep. Salesforce has enabled Kaisser Permanente to leverage the power of cloud technology and improve the customer experience, speed up the sales process and deliver cost savings in all areas of the business.

30th October 2014

Cunningham Funeral Homes has a new Salesforce Platform

With considerable development, Cunningham Funeral Homes staff can now work in a more collaborative way to make those difficult times run as smoothly as possible.

With Salesforce 1 and Chatter, the team has visibility of all daily activities and can work together more efficiently.

15th September 2014

Penny and Giles Controls Salesforce Users have a new Opportunity Wall

With considerable development, Account Managers and Sales Managers in Penny and Giles now enjoy visibility of their sales pipeline in a whole new way.

With it's vertical presentation of the opportunities, Trinsic has helped Penny and Giles see bottlenecks in their sales pipeline resulting in improved sales wins.

12th Sept 2014

Calor Gas – One of Ireland's largest energy suppliers

Trinsic has been awarded a project with Calor Gas. Calor is looking to enhance it's extranet platform as part of it's ongoing Customer Service improvements.

Having been involved in the implementation of the extranet some years ago, our staff are delighted to have won this prestigious customer and are very excited about the development of new functionality for Calor Gas customers.

Project size : 20 days
Delivery Date : End Dec 2014

31st August 2014

European Institute of Management Practice – New Registration Process up and running

Trinsic wish EIMP every success with their new website and integrated registration form and look forward to working again with this ambitious organisation

1st August 2014

Gambling Compliance – New website goes live !

Trinsic has worked with Gambling Compliance and CTI Digital (Manchester) over the last few months to deliver a complex Drupal integration solution with

Bringing two external suppliers together to deliver a high quality project is always difficult. Gambling Compliance's project team has been very impressive in achieving this exceptionally fresh and innovative website.

15th July 2014

European Institute of Management Practice – Reach your Potential

Trinsic has been awarded an integration project to deliver a complex registration/purchase online form with integration to

As part of the organisation's expansion plans, this new registration form shall form part of a new website interface which shall see the organisation expand into Europe and the Far East.

Project size : 5 days
Delivery Date : End August 2014

8th July 2014

Penny and Giles Controls – A Curtiss Wright company

Trinsic is to deliver a new opportunity wall for Penny and Giles Controls of Dorset (UK).

This is a modification of functionality delivered to a sister company in Ireland (Acra Controls). With the pipeline view capability delivered in Dublin, Penny and Giles could see considerable value in having similar functionality for their users.

Project size : 10 days
Delivery Date : End Sept 2014

31st May 2014 Community goes live to 25,000 users

Excitment is abound with the launch of all our hard work over the past few months. Communities has proved to be up to the challenge and we are excited to see it out in the wild !

4th March 2014

Gambling Compliance – Essential Intelligence for the Gambling Community (UK)

Trinsic has been awarded an integration project for the delivery of a synchronisation between and Gambling Compliance's new Drupal powered website.

With our experience in the area of integration, we are delighted to have won this exciting project. Gambling Complaince have great plans to deliver comprehensive functionality to their customers via their new website, powering the product content from and having all customer interaction with the business through seamless integration.

Project size : 20 days
Delivery Date : End July 2013

26th February 2014

Edelman PR – Washington Digital Marketing Division

Trinsic is to embark on a development project with Edelman for a Chicago based US Government Funced Organisation. Communities is to be employed to develop a comprehensive customer engagement platform which will operate on all devises. The power of communities shall allow for exciting extranet technology, normally deployed over years and not months !

Project size : 100 days
Delivery Date : End May 2014

1st October 2014

Edelman PR – Washington Digital Marketing Division

Trinsic is to develop a mobile web solution to integrate with for the Health Insurance sector. This project gives us the opportunity to show our skills in design, php development and customisation.

Project size : 20 days
Delivery Date : Ongoing rollout and enhancement

16th August 2013

Facebook / Twitter monitoring goes live !

We now monitor both of the above in real-time and match against client keywords and phrases. Combining this capability with CRM functionality delivers a very powerful applicaton.

29th July 2013

Source Dogg goes live with updated platform

Having spent considerable time internally scoping changes to their install – Source Dogg has now rolled out enhancements to the sales & marketing team which should help improve lead conversion rates and shorten sales cycle.

It was a pleasure working with the Source Dogg team, whom approached the project in an extremely professional manor and we look forward to working with them in the future as they expand across the globe.

6th July 2013

Source Dogg – One of Ireland's fastest growing companies

Trinsic has been awarded a customisation and knowledge transfer project with Source Dogg. Source Dogg is a highly innovative company, expanding into global markets since 2011. Having achieved ISO 9001 : 2008 accreditation in all of it's process, the company is now poised for considerable growth over the coming years.

Having implemented as a lead/opportunities management tool, the company is now looking to extend it's reach within the organsiation. Trinsic has been commissioned to assist in Apex and Visualforce development along with knowledge transfer to improve marketing automation, single sign-on and complex reporting.

Project size : 12 days
Delivery Date : End July 2013

14th May 2013

Procserve (UK) – Public & Private Sector Procurement Specialists

Procserve are at the forefront of public sector eProcurement with £1 Billion of transactions put through Procserve's Commerce Network – hosting multiple buyers and suppliers to trade securely in the cloud.

Trinsic was originally contracted to assist with bespoke Visualforce development which now provides a tele-sales agent with a list of campaign members and allows them to record information on calls and set follow up tasks inline. This functionality has evolved further and now provides 3 tabs – allowing agents to work from a list of campaign members, campaign activities or activities specifically assigned to them.

Trinsic is also assisting Procserve with the implementation of marketing automation software Eloqua within the organisation. This contract is on a day per week basis but is proving extremely successful and may develop further.

Project Size : 50 days
Delivery Date : June 2013

4th May 2013

Cunningham Funeral Homes appoint Trinsic as their partner.

Cunningham Funeral Homes has chosen Trinsic to assist in it's implementation of within their expanding organisation. As with every growing business manual processes work extremely well when you have just one location, but having just opened their fifth home with another soon to open in West Dublin, Cunningham Funeral Homes has evaluated all the industry leading CRM applications and has settled on delivering their bespoke system on

Trinsic, as a Silver Partner, has been extending the functionality of for customers for over 7 years now. With Cunningham Funeral Home's unique business process, Trinsic is confident that's versatile platform shall deliver on the objectives and allow Cunningham Funeral Homes expand even more quickly in the future.

Project Size : 15 days
Delivery Date : June 2013

25th April 2013

IMS Ltd experiences the benefits of (UK).

IMS Limited are importers and distributors of premium products to the commercial vehicle, military and industrial markets in the UK and Ireland.

Having chosen as the new CRM and Case Management platform, Trinsic got to work to implement a robust system and transferring all legacy data across to Additionally, implementation of S Docs an Amazon S3 storage facility has allowed IMS Limited to retain a lot of legacy hard copy information all within the new system.

Project Size : 8 days
Delivery Date : May 2013

15th April 2013

McGarrell Reilly Live

Trinsic has completed a project to overhaul McGarrell Reilly's instance in order to improve the sales process between the company and third party partners. Considerable APEX development and enhancement to both reporting and partner portal functionality has seen marked improvement in agent usage of the system.

Project Size : 10 days
Delivery Date : May 2013

12th April 2013

Avanti Communications (UK)

Avanti Communications sells satellite data communications services to telecoms companies which use them to supply enterprise, institutional and consumer users.

Avanti's first satellite, called HYLAS 1, launched in November 2010 and was the first superfast Ka-band satellite launched in Europe. Avanti's second satellite, called HYLAS 2, was launched in August 2012 and extends Avanti's coverage to Africa, the Caucasus and the Middle East. HYLAS 3 will also serve Africa in 2015.

Trinsic has now implemented across the organisation with considerable success.

Project Size : 12 days
Delivery Date : May 2013

2nd April 2013

Keltec singularity of purpose with (UK)

Keltec is a leading IT infrastructure and services company. Helping customers address their issues with designing, implementing, managing and supporting IT infrastructures. They done this innovatively for over 17 years – whether for HP, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle or others.

Keltec engaged Trinsic to assist in the roll-out of salesforce contracts to streamline the recording and future revenue forecasting from their contracts division. Combined with this, Case Management was implemented to handle all customer interaction and with the customers now having access through the customer portal, Keltec are able to manage all customer contact in the one system.

Project Size : 5 days
Delivery Date : April 2013

1st April 2013

Curtiss Wright (ACRA Control)

Further to a successful integration of with the Curtiss Wright website, Trinsic have completed work to implement SEO enhancements of the website. These changes have improved the website's search engine position and tie in with a global marketing strategy devised and delivered from Ireland.

Project Size : 17 days
Delivery Date : May 2013